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Products General Introduction
Welcome to visit our booth (CR2014) in 201…
Refrigeration R&D Center Put into Operation
ICCR 2005 Held Ceremoniously in Dalian
Company Office View
The 1st HVACR Expo in Asia
Company Profile
IKK2005 EXPO(Nov. 2-4, 2005 Hannover, Germ…
New Product: Two-stage Rotary Compressors
New Product: Two-stage Rotary Compressors
Beijing Caoyuan Xingfa Chain Co., Ltd
Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World Co., Ltd
Liaoyu Deep Freezing Process Item
Tianjin Lotus Supermarket - Jingjin Road Branch
Shanghai Agriculture Industry & Commerce Supermarke…
Century Lianhua Supermarket - Xianxia Branch
Indonesia Caiyuandi group company - Deep freezing a…
Dalian Tiger Beach Pole Animals Aquarium

Product Classes New Products
C系列涡旋压缩机 C系列涡旋压缩机
Scroll Compressor
(C-SB Series)
Scroll Compressor
(C-SC Series)
Rotary Compressor Semi-hermetic Compressor
Semi-hermetic Compressor Unit Semi-hermetic Condensing Unit Tandem Compressor Unit Tandem Central Compressor Unit
Inner Type Hermetic Unit Outdoor Type Hermetic Unit Immersion Quick-freezing Unit Tandem Scroll Compressor Unit
涡旋机组 螺杆机组 螺杆机组
Chiller Inverter Screw
Compressor Unit
Tandem Scroll Compressor Unit LCU-S400…
Tandem Scroll Compressor Unit LCU-S600…
Immersion Quick-freezing Unit ZBJ-30FJ…
Outdoor Type Hermetic Condensing Unit …
Outdoor Type Semi-Hermetic Condensing …
Tandem Central Compressor Unit LCU-105…
Inverter Screw Compressor Unit LCU-150…
Inverter Screw Compressor Unit LCU-180…
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